Technology Meets Nature: What I brought For My Camping Trip

Nature is definitely a one of kind adventure. It’ll take you to different locations and give you experiences that are truly unique and memorable. In order to experience the beauty of life, we need to take in what it offers us and explore the far reaches of the planet. Like a wolf hungry for a kill, let us be vigilant and sensitive to the blessings of God and use his creation to awaken our spiritual selves.

The human mind is capable of many things, and innovation ais one of them. Through the years it has created many complex yet helpful devices that further increases our capabilities to enjoy life while being comfortable and safe. As for most adventurers like me, we often choose to immerse ourselves as close to nature as possible. Why? Because this is where our hearts belong.

Recently I decided to go camping with my family and explore the vast wilderness of Yellowstone Park. Having heard and watched the dangers we might encounter, I decided to bring my RV instead of just a tent, so if worse comes to worse, we’ll be able to have a means of quick transportation. But it’s not just the RV that will make our camping a safe and memorable one. I also brought a few things that are just darn cool for camping:

Portable Air Conditioner
This is a camper’s best friend especially during the summer season. This bad boy cools the tent and gives you a nice cool breeze while relaxing and resting in your very own tent.

GPS Locator
A Camper’s worst fear is getting lost. So I brought along my handy dandy GPS locator. It specifically tracks my position from a satellite and uploads it directly to my phone. It is a really cool item and should be kept at all times when camping.

Ipad Tablet
When the kids are done playing around or when the weather seems to be gloomy, nothing beats an iPad past time. this piece of golden gadgetry will definitely take some time off while you relax in your tent our at your chair and may even prevent some temper tantrums.

Solar Power Chargers
This gadget will definitely be of great use especially if you don’t have an RV or at the vast deep of the wilderness. It uses sunlight to charge your phones so that when an emergencysituation happens, you’ll be able to call for help anytime

DSLR Camera
This is a must have if you want your camping pictures to have some professional touches. The digital single lens reflex camera will give you a truckload of high definition pictures and videos that will certainly be a pleasure to look through again and again.

Exploring what the world has to offer is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity and should not be missed by anyone. We only live once in this world so lets make sure that in the end, we won’t have any regrets.


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