Baby Friendly Home

Welcoming additional member of the family is a joyous event. But then, upon welcoming a new member of the family comes along important responsibilities; like baby proofing the home. Keeping our environment safe is our first priority.

Great number of child fatality usually comes from Preventable Accidents. There are Laws made stating that the number one priority is the safety precautionary measures for children’s.
Parents should have the initiative to baby proof their homes.  Fact that many children dies accidentally is really bad. Sadder part, these accidents are preventable and can be avoided if precautionary measures are applied.

Some examples of these precautionary measures are: outlet cover child proof, a safety gate, detector for smoke and carbon monoxide. All of this can prevent serious injury neither fatality.

Buying Baby or kids material choose product that is approved by the Department of Quality and Management. Products should pass the quality test of Certain Government Sectors. But you as a parent should check also the materials that are used for the safety of your family.

Kids are vulnerable to injury compared to an adult simply because they are curious.
Upon purchasing a product use some checklist so that it will be easy for you to choose. There are also some ways on how to baby proof your house. Some of these are as follows:

Don’t leave the baby in the playpen alone. Children can injure themselves and become trapped.
Keep children away from small object. Children might swallow it or put it inside their nose or ears leading to “foreign body obstruction”. And this can lead to fatality. Refrain from using plastic or wooden box with a sharp lid. Study up regarding material selection.

Consult for a Professional help for proper management of your house. Customizing your home for your children’s safety is quite bit difficult. It’s our job as parents to keep them safe always.
Consider also the wall paint that you’re going to use. Be sure that is LED (harmful air pollutant) free. This also reduces the possibility of exposing your kids to a harmful substance. Always bear in mind choose the best and safe materials for your home.

Kids always want to have FUN. Make it a point that they will enjoy and have fun while at home. Adding up additional play ground, a simple tree house or swimming pool will do. But you need to consider your budget also. Remember always that the priority is FUN and SAFETY.

Also keep in mind that kids grow up fast and their mind settings change also. Assess what is really needed, plan properly before doing some changes. Surely the output will be beautiful.


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