Home repairs after winter hangover

Usually home preparation for winter occurs during the end of summer. Regular inspection and cleaning should be done so that your home will be well prepared for the coming winter.  But most of us are so busy with our schedules and daily work, we don’t have time to inspect and clean our home. Or maybe we don’t have enough funds to change or replace the things that need to be change.

Winter can really cause damaging to your property if proper preparation has not been made. Some of these are: driveway cracks of loose shingles. And it will need immediate repair to avoid huge damage for your property. Here are some steps by steps guide on how you can fix the damage of your home.

1.Start with the drive way- it is important to check our driveways after winter, looks for crack and seal it.  Winter brought snow, snow then melt and go deeply in the cracks leading to fast deterioration of your driveway. Fill the cracks immediately and let it dry before using it. Or else it will get bigger and will expand continuously.

2.Check your roof- during winter snow melts and this leads to water leakage inside your home.  Do the inspection during sunny day; this will let you see holes clearly. But make sure that you have the knowledge on doing this repair, otherwise call an expert to solve your problem. Always keep in mind that safety is more important above anything else.

3.Remove the stains- because of leaking you roof, you will definitely see a mark or a yellow stain on your ceiling. And it is untidy to see. Consider repainting your ceiling, but before repainting it use some primer to clean or cover up the stains.

4.Clean your deck- it’s not compulsory that your deck should be cleaned and repaint every year. Sealing is important for preserving your deck and protects it from elements like the sun and water that can cause serious damage to your property.

5.Check your fences- usually winter is accompanied by strong winds and heavy snow. Thus it can cause damage to your fence causing it to break down. Check it immediately and replaced those broken one.

6.Clean out your gutters. Strong winds caused clog to your gutters. Now it’s the perfect time to clean out those messes in your gutter.

7.Check your basement or other areas of the house for signs of water residue. If you found out that there is sign of water residue, clean it immediately. Otherwise molds will very much happy to live in your home.

8.Seal up the leaks around your windows.

9.Inspect your door, usually strong winds can break or bent your door. If you found out that it’s broken, change it immediately.

Better to check everything and give a solution for each problem.


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