Make your home ready for Winter

Winter is on its way! You can feel the cold breeze touching your skin. People preparing their agendas or activity to do this winter, some of them purchase new clothes for winters. Some are preparing their body to be strong and fight sickness.

But like the human body, our home should also be prepared also. Snow can really damage the external part of our home specially our roof. Without proper insulation then the probability of increase utility bills is very high. Are your sure that your home is prepared for the incoming climate change? Here are some easy ways in preparation for the coming winter. In this article all preparation is for indoor only.

1.Always see to it that before summer ends chimneys and fire place should be checked and cleaned. Without proper maintenance, blockage can lead to serious trouble resulting to dangerous conditions.

2.If you’re insulating your home also include your water heater. Use a thermal blanket in doing the said procedure. Most of the water tanks can be found outside our home so it’s more expose to the freezing temperature. Once the water freezes then the water needs to work double time to make it warm, leading to a higher consumption of energy.

3.Window preparation is essential also. There is energy efficient type of windows that is offered in the market. Consider changing your window also to maintain the warmth inside of your home.

4.If your homes have attics always inspect the installed insulation. If possible you may consider adding up another sheet of insulating device. Most of the heat escapes happens in the attics.

5.Because now a day technology is so advanced. Programmable thermostat is invented. If you do have enough funds to purchase the said device then it’s better to have and install it as soon as possible. Because of this device it can adjust the temperature inside your home automatically, and this can saves your time, effort and money.

6.Always schedule a furnace inspection by a professional heating and cooling service. They can do the inspection and the trouble shooting of your furnace at the same time.

7.Planning for a winter get a way- then if you’re leaving the home always remembers to set y our heater on. To prevent the water pipes from freezing.

8.Carbon monoxide detector is also important. Furnaces can produce carbon monoxide, and this gas is really dangerous for our health.

9.Always check if the smoke detector is working. Batteries should be check intermittently to be sure if it’s still working.

10.Check your fire extinguishers- most of the fire extinguisher last only for 10 years. Check and replace if it reached its limit.

11.Lastly, exposed water pipers should be insulated also. Freezing pipes can burst and will lead you to a huge damage that only plumber can fix.

Remember these simple steps and enjoy your winter.


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