Effective ways on how to clean your home after the holiday season


Preparing your home for the holiday season is costly and so stressful. Food preparation for parties,  living room  and guest room makeover for the guest are some holiday task that makes us busy and dead tired. But do you know that not everything will finish there, after the holiday  still your work in your home continues.

The hangover of the holiday season seems to be so huge and stressful. Scattered gift wrappers, stains from food, condiments and beverages can be your toughest enemy. There are so many things that need to be returned to their original place. And bringing back your home to its original shape needs a lot of your effort and time.  You have to start it as early as you can otherwise those messes will just stick around your home. Here are some ways on how you can thoroughly clean your whole house.

Starting off with removal of decoration

The first thing that you should do is to remove all your holiday decorations.  Christmas lights should be removed carefully, upon removing put a  cardboard for each strand to avoid tangles so that it will be easy for you to untangle it for the next few years.

Look for a box and load it up with some papers, this can be a storage for your small ornaments. Those leftover gift wrap can be used for the following years so put them together and keep it in a safe place.

Guest Room

If you had visitors that spent overnight in your place, then this will be the time to clean the room and prepare it for your next guest. Soiled linens and towels should be washed. Vacuum the whole room to remove the dust and make it sparkling again.

Clean Living Room

One of the most messy place after the holiday season will be the living room.  Look for shredded part or small piece of gift wrapper hiding under your furniture. Or maybe a tape on your carpet. Then hire a professional carpet cleaner that uses child and pet friendly cleaning solutions. My mother always calls 5280 Carpet Cleaning, as they us environmentally safe products to keep my daughter safe.


The most hectic and busiest place in your home will be the kitchen. For sure this place needs a lot of your time and effort for cleaning and bringing back  its natural shine.  If it’s possible to clean your floor with a warm water to remove all those sticky materials then it will be much better.  Dishware that you have used during the holiday should be washed thoroughly and returned to its original space. The Fridge should also be cleaned from leftover foods. Lastly the busiest item in your kitchen….the stove. Stove surely has stains from cooking, use a stain removal to clean those sticky materials.

Make some effort on cleaning your home to bring back its natural amazing shine!


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