Make your home efficient for the coming New Year


Most people find the New Year season as the best time to change and improve one’s self and personality. Quitting bad habits often occur at this time, resolution is made to make everything organized and planned perfectly. If we can do this for ourselves, then maybe we can also do this in our home.  Our abode also needs an improvement regularly.

The incoming new year is such a great time to make everything right.  Those projects concerning home maintenance and repair should be started at this time. You don’t want to wait before the cost of your project  become unmanageable.

Energy Audit –  one of the most important thing to do is carefully check the amount of your energy consumption. If you have enough budget to hire an energy auditor then it will be a great help. The expert can identify the problems in your home which makes your utility bill hikes up. Otherwise if you don’t have enough funds, use energy efficient materials to lower down your utility consumption.

Insulationpoor or improper insulation will cause to much increase in your utility bills. Supposed to be that your home is not properly insulated your HVAC system will double its work to make the area cold (summer)  or warm (winter), a high amount of energy is wasted resulting to a high electricity bill. So in order to prevent this instance make sure that your home insulation is properly installed and working.

Drafts – inspect your home for air leakage or drafts. Most of the time you will notice drafts from window and door, but also consider checking the walls and ceilings. If you found out the source of air leakage immediately seal or caulk it.

Energy Starif you have old appliances consider buying a new one. Upon purchasing make sure to look for an energy star logo. This logo signifies that the certain appliances can help you save your money because of its low consumption.

Organize be sure to make your home organized and free from clutter all the time. If you found out things that are useless for you, consider having a garage sale or maybe you can donate it to the less fortunate. You have made your home more spacious and organized, at the same time you help those people who are in need.

Safety – this is the best time to check those smoke and CO2 detectors if it still properly working. Make sure also that your fire extinguisher is not yet expired. Always make sure of your safety.

Remember to change all the things that might not be important for the coming new year.


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