Kitchen total makeover for the year 2013

The kitchen is a part of our daily life. Accept it or not we can’t survive without our kitchen. Most of our activities are spent in that area, that it why it is essential to maintain and take good care of it. We all know if our kitchen is already asking for improvements or upgrades. The kitchen can be compared with a woman face and body, it needs to do a makeover once a while.

The new year has started, maybe this will be the best time do a makeover for your kitchen. Open up your kitchen for new designs, welcome the new trends. And make your kitchen more fashionable and stylish. Listed are some design which can make your kitchen more trendy.

Soft contemporary – gone with the old standard traditional kitchen style. Now is the time for transition stage.  The concept of the kitchen will be less formed but not that modern. Clean, simple and always have an uncluttered look.

Appliances – for the year 2013 kitchen appliances will be most find hiding or beyond the cabinet. Built in appliances will be more in trend for this year. Example of these appliances are  wine coolers, microwaves, trash compactors or a small refrigerator. They can be best seen under your peninsulas or islands. Otherwise refrigerator tops can often find to be an additional countertop. By hiding these appliances you’re organizing your kitchen and making it more spacious.

Lighting – the trend for Led light will still continue with its peak. Light nowadays is not only functional but also it has a great contribution to the beautification of your kitchen. Usually you will find those led lights under some cabinets and even with some appliances also.

Color – green and natural color will be the best choice for your kitchen.  Trend for dark colors is finished now is the time for a lighter shade and earthy colors. But for counter and island tops color black will be the best choice.

Sinks – if you have an old fashioned stained sink, then maybe now is the time to replace it with the latest new trends. Go out and look for a design that you will surely love. But always make sure that it will compliment your kitchen concept.

Back splashes – the very most popular and trendy design for your back splash will be Glass. Can be easily maintained and with its stylish look it can blend easily with your kitchen style.

So start it now giving a makeover for your kitchen now!


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